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On the way to a development that benefits people, society and nature.
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Will2Sustain was founded in 2009 by Geert Jan Prins.

Through international work, particularly in Africa, he saw that population growth puts increasing pressure on nature and its resources such as water, oil and hardwood. Poor people are being squeezed by development that grants access to those resources to people and corporations with power.

Geert Jan returned after 4.5 years in Sudan with the vision to contribute to a development of areas where the poor and nature would also be treated equitably, or sustainable development. This led to the creation of Will2Sustain.

In recent years, the vast majority of Will2Sustain’s work has been in the Netherlands and has focused on making organizations more sustainable, particularly through corporate social responsibility, and promoting awareness about sustainability among organizations and individuals who want to become more sustainable but are unsure how to go about it.