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Regio Noord-Veluwe. Development of Regional Stakeholderplatforms on Sustainability

Regio Noord-Veluwe


Assignment: Development of Regional Stakeholderplatforms on Sustainability
Location: the Netherlands
Period: March 2015 – ongoing
Status: ongoing
Client: Regio Noord-Veluwe

In line with the regional climate policy of the North-Veluwe Region in the Netherlands, and following the ambitions of the Diamant of the central part of the Netherlands Will2Sustain received an assignment to set-up one or more groups of frontrunner groeps of companies within the region that are working a lot on sustainability, corporate social responsibility and/ or energy reduction. The assignment follows the positive development in the towns of Oldebroek and Elburg with a similar process, which Will2Sustain facilitates.

The tasks of Will2Sustain are, amongst others:

  • Preparing a stakeholder list;
  • Conduct interviews with responsible authorities and other stakeholders;
  • Recommend a logical set-up of geographical sub-regions;
  • Brainstorm with key stakeholders on the way to structure the cooperation; and
  • Brief report with key findings.