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Nederlandse overheid. Rural Development

Nederlandse overheid

Milieumanagement, Onderzoek
Rural Development Programme
Assignment: Rural Development Programme
Location: Resident in Burkina
Period: 1997 (6 months)
Status: completed
On behalf of: Palabana Animal Traction Development Programme
Client: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Wageningen University

Conducted a six months market research in animal drawn implements in this rural province of Zambia.

Scoping mission for a bilateral water programme

Assignment: Scoping mission for a bilateral water programme
Location: South-Sudan
Period: February 2012– June 2012 | Missions: 1
Status: completed
On behalf of: Netherlands Water Partnership/ Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Will2Sustain has participated in a mission into Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan, to develop a water program for the Dutch and South Sudanese Governments.

Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

Assignment: Promoting Sustainable Forest Management
Location: Ukraine
Period: Jan 2006 – Feb 2008 | Missions: 8
Status: completed
On behalf of: FORM International
Client: Dutch Government (EVD)

This project aimed at the certification according to Forest Stewardship Council standards of two state forest enterprises in the Ukraine, namely in Zytomyr and Horodnitsa. The project also aimed at increasing the amount of certified timber from Ukraine reaching the Dutch market. The project first assessed the level of compliance of the forest management in the two enterprises to the FSC standard, then identified an action plan for overcoming the gaps, organized several workshops, public relations and trainings and facilitated the independent auditing of the two state enterprises.

Integrated Natural Resource Management

Assignment: Integrated Natural Resource Management
Location: Mali and Guinea
Period: Jan 2009 – Dec 2009 | Missions: 1
Status: completed
Employer: Royal Haskoning
Client: Governments of Guinea and Mali
Donor: Dutch Government

This project focused on improved management of the Niger River, encompassing cross-border joint management by the Guinean and Malien governments. I was responsible for assessing the sustainability of forestry operations by different community groups in both countries, and for the development of a monitoring system for sustainable forest management.

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