Update March – April 2012

Posted on 19 May 2012 ยท Posted in Geen categorie @en

Will2Sustain first moved to a new office early March 2012. My family also moved to a new home in this period. I then participated in a three-week mission to South Sudan for a water programme. The assignment was on behalf of the Republic of South Sudan and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I conducted the mission with two South Sudanese counterparts and John Krijnen of Krijnen Consultancy Geneva. Updates on the progress of the mission were posted on this blog and a video can be found on www.will2sustain.nl/projects and by then clicking on South Sudan. Pictures of the mission can be found under the project photos. The mission went well and our report is now (mid-May) about to be finalized after having received feedback from our South Sudanese counterparts. It was great to be back in Africa and in South Sudan. I had the opportunity to meet former colleagues who worked with me in Khartoum but are now living in South Sudan. I hope to be able to visit this youngest African country more often in the future.

In The Netherlands I continued working on corporate social responsibility (maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen in Dutch), environmental management, carbon sequestration, managing certification processes, and Heembouw came back to me and asked me to support them again in the development of an annual report, now based on the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines. You can find the end result of this work by visiting this website: https://www.heembouw.nl/images/stories/publicaties/Ge%C3%AFntegreerd%20maatschappelijk%20en%20financieel%20jaarverslag%20Heembouw%202011.pdf

I am also working on two new projects, one for Conline-Rhenania and one for Kaal Masten. These projects received a subsidy through the European Social Fund. Both projects focus on social responsibility. Besides this, I am also looking at ways to expand the capacity of Will2Sustain. One way is to collaborate more with other consultants, but I am also considering recruiting someone.

Different clients had reviews of their certification schemes and were able to keep their certificates. This was a positive result for them. Several interesting new opportunities arose during these months although little time was spent on networking and training due to the workload and movement.